NEN 9140 Training: Safe working on e-vehicles basic (ev-VOP)

NEN 9140 course: know the risks and learn to work safely on the HV system

With the ev-VOP designation, you can de-energize and energize the HV system. You may (dis)assemble voltage-free HV components and store e-hazardous components. You are not allowed to work on live HV systems of e-vehicles. Please read further.

Training information


You are an automotive technician and want to be able to work safely on e-vehicles. You must do this according to the safety standard NEN 9140. This standard specifies which people are allowed to work on an e-vehicle, what training or instruction you must have and how you work safely.

If you want to carry out safe maintenance and repairs to the HV system, you must at least be designated as a Sufficiently Instructed Person (ev-VOP). With this instruction you can de-energize and energize the HV system. You may (dis)assemble voltage-free HV components and store e-hazardous components. So you are not allowed to work on live HV systems of an e-vehicle.

During the training you will learn to recognize the HV components of e-vehicles and what you can and cannot do with this type of vehicles. This will help you to better understand what the risks are so you know how to work safely with these vehicles. You will learn which safety measures you take in advance, which personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools you must use and which requirements they must meet. You will also learn how to de-energize the HV system. In this way you also meet the NEN 9140 standard with regard to working with electric and hybrid vehicles for Sufficiently Instructed Person (ev-VOP).


  • In preparation for the training day, you will study an e-learning. It takes about 1.5 hours.
  • For the practical training you visit Innovam for one day. We provide a nice lunch.

In the e-learning you will learn the theory, so that you get started quickly and well during the practice day. You will practice as much as possible in practice, under the guidance of our experienced trainer. During the practical day you can of course ask questions, and you will learn from the other participants and the trainer.


In the training we cover the following topics. You will learn:

  • the safety risks of working on, with or near e-vehicles;
  • the safety measures to be taken when working on, with or near e-vehicles;
  • the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary for your work;
  • check the condition of your PPE for safety;
  • recognize and name the EV components of an e vehicle and explain its operation;
  • know which requirements (measuring) tools must meet;
  • de-energize the HV system in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
  • estimate when there is an electrical hazard and you cannot work on, with or near the e-vehicle and have to ask the ev-WV (ev-workshop supervisor) for new instructions.

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The e-learning is concluded with a knowledge test which you must pass before coming to the practice day . At the end of the training you will receive the proof of participation sufficiently instructed person (ev-VOP).


To be able to follow this training you must have basic knowledge of car electronics. We teach you that in the basic car electronics training. (Auto Electronica basis, available in Dutch only)

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Training dates

  • October 17, 2024

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